Nancy Córdoba is one of the very first student in our trade workshops at our Center in Monte Quemado, and has been charmed by the workshops ever since.

“I could hardly wait until the two weeks between classes passed by”.

She was not able to finish primary school as she had to start working as a maid when she was only 11, to bring money to her home. As a child, she learnt handcrafting, and wanted to improve. In the trades workshop, Nancy didn’t just get knowledge, but also confidence. When the workshops teacher resigned, Haciendo Camino thought it was Nancy’s chance. 

Today, Nancy’s effort and performance, got her a job teaching different sewing and handcrafts workshops in Haciendo Camino. Nancy is a key piece of the Haciendo Camino team. She is currently teaching mothers how to make baby trousseaus and prints on fabric, as well as using a sewing machine.

“I really like being able to train mothers, and I feel proud of them when I see the handcrafts they make. Here they see their self-esteem grow, as they learn to do usefull things”.

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