Mariana has 6 kids. She reached our Center in “Barrio Autonomía” 3 years ago to join our sewing workshop. Then, she also joined the cooking workshop and learnt baking and patisserie. She brought home the skills she learnt and taught her daughters how to cook. 

During the pandemic, they started selling a type of sweet sandwich called “alfajores”, cakes, sponge cakes, pies and bread. Her home economy was not good. Her husband’s salary was not enough to support the entire family, so she decided to look for a job.

"I came to the sewing workshop after a very tough night. I had spoken to my husband, and he told me he valued everything I did for the family, but he needed me to start working so we could pay our home bills and expenses. I told him I wanted to work, but at the same time I kept thinking: ‘who would ever hire me in my 40s?’ When I reached Haciendo Camino Center, they proposed I could be the referent for the «Early Home-Schooling Program». I could do nothing but cry with excitement and gratefulness, as this opportunity came right when I needed it the most".

Based on her commitment, Haciendo Camino invited her to join our professional team in the «Early Home-Schooling Program».  This program fosters children learning through playing with their parents or caretakers. She visits the program families every fortnight, generating communication and support spaces, and checking how the different skills learnt are applied on a daily basis.

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